Charis on Treetop RMT is located at 35838 Treetop Drive in the residential neighbourhood of The Highlands.

Parking is available on the driveway or you may park on the street. To access Charis  on Treetop RMT take the outside stairs going down that are right of the garage. Entrance is at the bottom of the stairs to your left.


Your experience at Charis on Treetop RMT is reserved just for you. Should you need to reschedule your appointment please provide 24 hours notice. Appointments made day of service are always welcome based on availability.

To book your appointment, please give me a call or send an email. I’m available for bookings on Monday to Saturday. Please note my hours are flexible. I’m also available for some evening appointments. I look forward to hearing from you!

A registered massage therapist is a health care professional that provides safe and effective treatments skillfully and effectively manipulating the soft tissues of the body.  Massage therapy affects muscles, tendons, ligaments and also deeper structures of the body such as fascia, blood vessels and organs. Massage therapy is for treating symptoms of pain and for preventing injury and promoting health.

Note: My focus is on providing treatment to female clients.

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